April 27, 2015



happy monday! Every so often I send my kids quotes. At my house we call these motivational quotes PSA’s or public-service announcements. I find them on all sorts of social media. I didn’t write any of these quotes or come up with the beautiful graphics or fonts that these quotes are written in-I just search for them. Some times they are motivational, funny, obnoxious or even heart warming. Well, my daughters’ friend caught wind of what I was doing and wanted in. So I put together a few different group text and start sending the girls these wonderful motivational quotes. Often they respond with a heart or a :-) and I hope they truly love them! sometimes To my daughter and her friends: I love you girls and I hope you have a wonderful great day. XO sew cute.

To me this quote is so appropriate as we are quickly approaching the end of the school year which means AP testing and finals. I know sometimes even when we prepare we worry about not being successful and about everything that could happen that could go wrong. To all my friends stay positive, be positive and keep your head filled with I cans not I can’t!

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